Do you ever see those ads for online lenders or bank mortgages? Let me tell you the reasons why going with a personal lender instead, like myself, will not only save you time but money. This is valuable information that can really save a lot of folks out there from the pitfalls of other lenders. […]

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People often ask me about mortgage insurance. This month, I’m bringing you good news about the mortgage rates and a quick overview of how you can get mortgage insurance removed from your mortgage so that you can enjoy a lower house payment. Mortgage insurance doesn’t just automatically go away on its own—you’ll need to talk […]

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This month, I’m updating you on current interest rates and expected trends throughout this year. Even though interest rates are slightly up, they’re still around four percent, which is a good rate. They are expected to increase throughout the year so now is still the best time to buy a home. Talk to us about […]

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Video Transcription “Hi! Chris Lamm with Commerce Home Mortgage. This is the Market Update for the month of June. Thank you guys for checking out this Market Update. I want to cover three topics. Of course, we always talk about mortgage rates and what they are doing. In the last seven or eight weeks, mortgage […]

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In this update, I crunch some numbers on buying versus renting. You’ll be surprised to find out how much you can save by buying! I also talk about the current housing inventory and interest rates and give my estimates on the market outlook over the next 12 months. Now is the time to think about […]

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