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Chris Lamm-Mortgage Lender | March 2019 Update
Posted Tuesday March 19, 2019 in Video Blog Hello! I hope everyone enjoyed the sunshine over the past week! Rates & Low Inventory With spring being around the corner we are anticipating housing inventory to go up. Lately, there has been a shortage due in part to the fires last year, but also having a longer winter has caused people to wait…

How to Identify a Load-Bearing Wall (and Why It Matters)
Posted Monday March 18, 2019 in Home Improvement

To create open-concept floor plans, homeowners are knocking down walls everywhere from the kitchen to the master bathroom. But before you start swinging a sledgehammer, you’ll need to know if you’re dealing with a load-bearing wall, which is significantly different from a partition (or non-load-bearing) wall. What is a load-bearing wall? So, what’s the difference…

A Whole New Credit Score Is Coming
Posted Monday March 11, 2019 in Mortgage

Chances are good you know all about  your credit score. Also called a FICO score, this magical number is a major factor in many financial transactions, including qualifying for a mortgage and renting apartments in Redding, CA. In October 2018, the Fair Isaac Corp. (the creators of FICO) announced a whole new scoring method called the UltraFICO.…

4 House Hunting Mistakes To Avoid In Redding, CA
Posted Monday March 4, 2019 in Real Estate

Mistake: Not getting pre-approved before looking Getting a pre-approval should be every buyer’s first step toward buying a home in Redding, CA. This document, which comes in the form of a letter from the mortgage company, will tell you how much money you’ll be able to receive in a loan. It’s crucial in helping you set your own…

4 Signs You’re Ready To Become A Homeowner In Redding, CA
Posted Monday February 25, 2019 in Real Estate

If you’ve been thinking about taking the plunge and buying a home in Redding, CA recently, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve laid out four signs that you’re ready to stop renting and own a home. Read them over to help determine if now is the time for you. You’ve been at your job for…

Don’t Make These 8 Mistakes When Remodeling Your Bathroom
Posted Monday February 18, 2019 in Home Improvement

A bathroom remodel can add value to your Redding, CA home, but it also has the potential to be a huge headache. Why? There are many opportunities for missteps. “Bathrooms are often the hardest spaces to remodel effectively, because they require some expertise, and often play second fiddle to other key areas like living rooms and…
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