Refinancing your home mortgage can be confusing and complicated.  This video makes it easy to understand how simple the process is and the top reasons why refinancing can benefit your life. Why refinance: Lower interest rate and a lower monthly payment. Save money on interest by lowering term. Consolidate debt and save over $500. Leverage equity […]

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After years of service and hard work, you’ve decided to finally retire and set down some roots. However, homes are expensive investments and navigating the world home financing can be a challenge. Luckily, many lenders are experienced and certified in offering home loans to our nation’s veterans. Just follow these 10 simple steps and you […]

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Do you ever see those ads for online lenders or bank mortgages? Let me tell you the reasons why going with a personal lender instead, like myself, will not only save you time but money. This is valuable information that can really save a lot of folks out there from the pitfalls of other lenders. […]

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People often ask me about mortgage insurance. This month, I’m bringing you good news about the mortgage rates and a quick overview of how you can get mortgage insurance removed from your mortgage so that you can enjoy a lower house payment. Mortgage insurance doesn’t just automatically go away on its own—you’ll need to talk […]

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