8 Hidden Costs that Sneak Up on Many First-Time Home Buyers

Contrary to popular belief, buying a home isn’t just about paying the obligatory 20 percent down payment and monthly checks for the mortgage. There are several hidden costs that come with buying home, ranging from closing fees to taxes, which can add as much as $10,000 to your annual mortgage payments—higher if your home is […]

5 Strategies for Boosting Your Credit Score

Your credit score is that seemingly magical number that plays a huge role in whether your application for a loan or a new credit line will be approved by lenders, and if so, whether it’s approved at low interest rates. In recent years, businesses such as insurance companies have also started looking into the credit […]

4 Things to Consider Before You Refinance Your Mortgage

Refinancing can be a slick way to get rid of your mortgage by the time you retire. It’s also a tool many people turn to when their finances have changed or they’re no longer happy with their current mortgage situation. As with most things concerning your mortgage, however, the decision to refinance should not be […]

Chris Lamm- Redding Mortgage Lender | July 2018 Market Update

From The Desk Of Chris Lamm @ Commerce Home Mortgage Happy July! This month I get out the office and highlight a new subdivision called Pleasant Hills in Anderson, California! This subdivision is a great solution to our housing inventory shortage and could be a great opportunity for a variety of buyers. Check it out […]

Retiring with a Mortgage vs Paying It Down: Which Is Best?

For many people, the last thing they want upon retirement is a debt hanging over their hands. But just because you feel that having zero debt would give you more peace of mind in your retirement years, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best financial decision for your needs. Whether it makes more sense to pay […]