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FHA loans Redding CAThe Federal Housing Administration is an agency established by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. Their primary function is to insure residential mortgage loans. Chris Lamm: Redding Mortgage Lender implements every type of FHA loan in Redding.

First-Time Home Buyers

FHA loans typically offer options for first-time home buyers, senior citizens, and home improvements. One of the most difficult elements of the home buying process is saving up enough money for a down payment. If you are a first-time home buyer, an FHA loan may allow you to make a down payment of 3 percent. You may also be able to roll your closing costs and other fees into the loan amount.

Home Improvement Loans

If you are interested in a home that requires some improvements, there is an FHA loan through Chris Lamm Mortgage to address your needs. An FHA approved lender will check your creditworthiness. If you meet their standards, you will be approved for a loan that covers the cost of the property, plus home improvement costs and closing costs. You may also be able to get an FHA loan if you already own a home that needs some repairs and improvements. The loan will cover refinancing costs as well as the costs of making the necessary improvements.

Home Equity Loans

And if you are a senior citizen who has a great deal of home equity or outright owns your home, an FHA loan might help you make the most of your financial situation. Instead of paying a lender each month, reverse mortgages allow you to turn your home equity into cash. There are age and property type restrictions, but reverse mortgages can help you manage your finances as you grow older.

If you are interested in getting an FHA loan in Redding through The Chris Lamm Mortgage Group, you can easily find out how much you qualify for and what your monthly payment would be by clicking the “Apply Today” button.

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